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How Could We Not?

Message Notes

Series Big Idea: God has been so generous with us in every way. He gave us life and love. He provides for our daily needs and so much more! We cannot even begin to fully list all the ways God has been generous. God has held nothing back from us. And the ultimate expression of his generosity shows up in how God gave his very own Son as a sacrifice for our salvation. Given God's overwhelming generosity, HOW COULD WE NOT be generous! To be generous is to be like God. To be generous opens our hearts to God. And while others need our generosity, the ironic thing is that to be generous is what we need most as it is a critical path in growing and deepening our own faith. In this series we'll see that generosity is more than giving money, it's a lifestyle where we are generous with our possessions, time, words and service that leads to a joyful, fun, and exhilarating life.

Message Big Idea: There is no act of generosity more comprehensive and powerful than the gift of service. Service is the one act where we are generous with everything - our time, our resources, our abilities, our very person. In service we give ourself! Jesus says of himself that his very reason for coming to our world was to serve and to sacrifice his life for us. Jesus was all in and gave his all. When we generously serve, we give our all and are all in for those we serve.

Main Idea: A generous life is serving all with your all.

Main Text: Mark 10:43-45; John 12:25-26

General Message Notes

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Reflection/Discussion Questions:

Share a time when someone went over the top in serving you. How did you feel? How did you receive the gift of service?

Share a time when you served someone that was unexpected or went way beyond what they expected or deserved. What difference did it make for them? What difference did it make in you?

If Jesus is the Messiah, Lord, and Savior then we should serve him. So why in Mark 10:45 did Jesus say he did NOT come to be served but to serve? Why did he say this?

What hinders you from serving folks with your all? What kinds of folks (lifestyle, behaviors, attitudes) do you struggle to serve?

What does serving like Jesus look like?

Who will you serve with your all? Prayerfully join Jesus in serving someone in need. Who will that be?

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