2020 Lent Service


2020 Lent Service

Have you ever had questions like, “What is Lent?” “How do I practice it?“ or “What is Ash Wednesday?” You’re not alone! We have a service just for you. You are invited to attend our Lent service, where you’ll be guided on how to practice Lent by our Outreach Pastor, Michael Goodwin. During this service, you’ll learn that Lent is a chance for you to practice the key spiritual disciplines of reflection, prayer, and fasting that help you focus on Jesus. If you’re ready to expand on your spiritual growth, attend our Lent Service on Wednesday, February 26, at 6:30 PM at our East Campus.

We’ll have KidsGroups will be going for kids age Preschool (3-year-olds) through 5th grade and childcare for kids age 0-2 available.

Lent at Pantano Christian Church

Lent at Pantano is an opportunity to practice the key spiritual disciplines of reflection, prayer, and fasting that help us focus on Jesus. Traditionally Lent is the 40 days (Sundays excluded) of fasting before Easter. We invite you to enter and practice the Lenten season in the following ways:

  • Choose to fast from something that you are tempted to place your trust in for satisfaction, comfort or personal recognition. The focus of Lent 2020 is this: Jesus calls us to a life of constant surrender. Fast from something that keeps you from fully trusting Jesus. Fast from something you go to instead of Him. Fast from something that will give you more time to focus on your relationship with God. You can choose to fast from a meal or a certain kind of food or drink, social media, TV, gaming or anything that you rely on daily or is an important part of your regular routine.

  • Use the extra time and energy you have when fasting to pray and give extra attention to God. Let him be your comfort, fill your hunger, be your hope and be the true God you worship. Journal any insights you discover.

  • Get in God’s Word. During Lent we want to hear from God through his Word. As we create more space in our life we want to fill it with truth. There are many Bible reading plans through the app, or you can visit our website for more ideas!

  • You have the option to receive ashes on your forehead or wrist at the end of the service. The following words will be said to you as you receive the ashes: May these ashes remind of your commitment to die in order to live.