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Message Notes

Series Big Idea: The Christian life is a series of invitations. And each invitation from Jesus is meant to help take us deeper in our daily walk and faith. It begins with an invitation to follow, to awaken and experience God, an invitation to experience the full freedom that God has for us as we let go of our guilt, shame, and regret. The invitation to change not only our hearts and behavior but also the way that we think. And finally, the invitation to abide, to be ‘in Christ'. These invitations are intended to take us deeper and live the life God has called us to. 

Message Big Idea: Jesus invited four fishermen to follow him. He asked them to leave behind their trade, business, security and homes. He invited them to continue to do what they knew to do, just with a different focus. They were not to focus on fish in the lake, but people. He redirected their purpose. This is the same invitation he is giving us. The invitation to follow Jesus redirects our purpose. When Jesus invites us to follow Him, he’s inviting us into a new and bigger purpose. The invitation is to bring Jesus into our regular daily activities and events. 

Main Idea: The invitation to follow Jesus redirects our purpose.

Main Text: Matthew 4:18 - 22

Supporting texts: John 10:10

General Message Notes

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Reflection/Discussion Questions:

Read Matthew 4:18 - 22. If Jesus walked up to you like he did those first fishermen, what would he say to you? What would following him mean? What would that invitation look like?

Josh said, “The invitation to follow Jesus redirects our purpose.” How has following Jesus changed your purpose in life.” Has it?

Where are you saying, “No thanks” to God?

What is God inviting you into this week? What does following him this week look like? What is one simple change he is inviting you to make?