Pantano Southeast Campus

Revolution Church Is Joining Pantano Christian Church

Revolution Church Is Joining Pantano Christian Church

We just opened the new Student Union, and we continue to find ways to make room for even more. Revolution Church is joining Pantano to advance a kingdom movement. This journey has been born out of a ten-year relationship of trust between Pastor Glen and Pastor Josh Reich, the Lead Pastor at Revolution. God has been at work to bring together two churches with a shared vision and values to have a greater kingdom influence. We have a parallel purpose and a common mission.

We believe that we will more effectively bring the love of Jesus to our city by multiplying healthy, life-giving churches. We believe Revolution and Pantano are better together. As one church in multiple locations, Revolution will become the next campus of Pantano to be known as the Pantano Southeast Campus. Revolution is a healthy church that will immediately contribute to the mission of Pantano.

Volunteer Opportunities

Teams include: KidZone, Students, Facilities, Host Team, Operations, Worship, and Tech.



Over the last year, Pantano has been preparing to start new campuses. When Josh learned of this, and after a time of prayer, he initiated the conversation with Glen, asking if Pantano would consider Revolution joining them and becoming their Southeast Campus.


The leaders of both churches believe that Revolution and Pantano are better together. We can reach more people, have more impact and effectiveness in our city by working together instead of separately. This idea has been confirmed again and again for leaders of both churches throughout this process.