Current Message Notes

Interrupting Grace

Message Notes

Series Big Idea: God’s grace is free and powerful. It is life changing. And God wants his grace to so fill us that it has to overflow to others. But we allow things to impede and hinder our experience of grace and our ability to share grace. We’ll explore three key things that block grace from filling our lives and also interrupt the flow of grace through our life.

Message Big Idea: Our sin is ugly, really ugly. Sin shows up every day in almost every situation. It is in the thoughts we have, the attitudes we carry, the words we speak and the actions we do or don’t do that we should do. We disappoint God, fall short of his ideals for us, we hurt others, we fail over and over. Then comes the guilt and shame. As we carry the guilt and shame the damage continues. But that is not the end of the story. The amazing news is that God’s grace is greater than the guilt of our past mistakes or regrets. It is greater than the powerful overwhelming brokenness that keeps showing up in our daily attitudes, words and actions. His grace is greater than our sin and guilt.

Main Idea: Don’t let guilt and shame interrupt the flow of grace.

Main Texts: Romans 3:23, 24; 8:1

Supporting texts: John 7:53-8:11; 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

Share a time when you lost electric power? What frustrates you most when you lose electricity? How do you feel during that time when the flow of power is interrupted?

How would you define grace? Give a shot at making a technical or theological description of grace.

How have you personally experienced grace? Give at least one clear example of a time or situation where God’s grace filled you.

What things are most likely to cause you to miss grace or cause the flow of grace to be interrupted?

The guilt and shame of our mistakes, sin and failures have incredible power to disrupt the flow of grace. If you are willing, share a time when your mistake, sin or failure caused you to miss grace, even if just for a season.

What are the voices (in your head or through people or situations) of guilt and shame and what are they saying that attempt to interrupt grace’s flow?

How will you say “yes” to grace? What can you do to allow and keep the flow of grace coming into your life?