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Message Notes

Series Big Idea: We’ve heard the stories of people who made a foolish decision to get a tattoo that later in life they regretted. And there are a few stories of folks who got a terrible tattoo because of a mistake made by a tattoo artist. That’s what we call “bad ink.” We all make wrong or foolish decisions. We put ourselves in a place where we are hurt or abused or allowed others to be hurt. We sin and face the consequences. We sabotaged a relationship. We wasted all our money because of an addiction. We played some role in what ended up in a divorce, abuse, bankruptcy, a broken dream, or the loss of a loved one. We didn’t love someone the way we wish we had. And there is the regret and sorrow for the opportunities wasted, risks not taken, words and love never expressed, gifts not given and forgiveness withheld. It is easy to keep reliving the regret. But our God is a God of second chances. He can use the regret to remind us that the life we want to leave behind, through his unending grace, will lead us out of the bad ink. We are offered a perpetual second chance by a God of infinite grace.

Message Big Idea: We all have messed up and sometimes we mess up big time. And we live in the regret of what we did or didn’t do. We don’t have to forget our sin or the past, but God can use the regret to remind us of the depth of his unending grace. Our challenge is to trust in a God of second chances and unending grace. God’s grace helps us use our past sin(s) to remind us of where we do not want to go, while keeping our focus on following Jesus forward.

Main Idea: God’s unending grace will help us learn from our past failure in order to focus on following Jesus now.

Main Text: John 21:1-17  

Supporting texts: Luke 22:54-62

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

Is there a time or specific instance from your life that you regret the most? Do you feel you feel you are still holding on to the shame from this time? Why?

How do you think Peter felt after denying Jesus? How do you think Jesus felt?

Do you ever feel not good enough for God or experience shame from your past? If so, how do you deal with it?

Are there people/situations in your past you feel you can reconcile? If so, what can you do about it?

Are there people from your past that you need to forgive? If so, how can you go about it?

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