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Easter at Pantano

Message Notes

Message Big Idea: So many of us are living in bitterness and cynicism. Pessimism pervades our daily experience. We are often disappointed and dissatisfied. We’ve been disillusioned by people and their promises. Discouragement becomes an all too frequent visitor. We are constantly in danger of losing hope. How do you get a new start and new birth with a renewed optimism? Where do we find a living hope? A living hope is found only in Jesus, the resurrected Jesus, who is alive and with us and for us. In this Easter message we discover or rediscover that the living hope that overcomes is based on and anchored in the resurrection!

Main Idea: The living Jesus gives us living hope!

Main Text: 1 Peter 1:3

General Message Notes

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Reflection/Discussion Questions:

What is your current HQ or hope quotient? How hopeful are you? How do you experience hope?

What are the most common kinds of situations or circumstances that challenge or rob you of or diminish your hope?

How do you feel and how do you act when your hope is low? How are you different when your hope is high?

Glen said that the resurrection of Jesus is the basis of all hope. Do you agree or not and why? If you agree, how is the resurrection the basis of hope?

Glen suggested that hope floats and it helps float us. What currently in you or your life needs some hope to float it?

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