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What Keeps You Up At Night

Message Notes

Series Big Idea:  What do you worry about? What keeps you up at night? Where have you let fear get a foothold in your life? In what ways does worry eat away at the best of life? We let fear keep us from really living, from dreaming, and from taking risks that God would want us to embrace. Some of the “big” things we are afraid of are death, loss of our health, financial ruin, betrayal, accidents and even the future. In this series, we’ll look deeper at who God is in order to live in his wisdom and not live in fear. We’ll remember, re-discover or discover that faith is the only thing that can help us overcome our fears.

Message Big Idea: Our world is volatile, uncertain, complex and so hard to figure out. Change occurs at hyper-speed. We live in a world we can’t control. And for sure, we have little to no control over the future. Tomorrow is uncertain and at times can be alarming. The fear of tomorrow and what’s next is very real. Yet, we can see how God was with us in the past and often we are able to sense God’s presence with us in the now. But, do we have faith that God is in our tomorrow as well? Do we really believe that God is a God of tomorrow? What we believe about God, or our faith, determines how we overcome our fears and trust God for the future. You see, we don’t know the troubles of tomorrow, but we know the God of our tomorrow.

Main Idea: We don’t know the troubles of tomorrow, but we know the God of our tomorrow.

Main Text: John 16:1-2, 20, 33

Supporting texts: Matthew 6:34; James 4:13-14; Hebrews 13:6

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

Some use an acronym that describes the future; the acronym is VUCA which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, or Ambiguous. In what specific ways (personally, culturally, politically and economically) do you sense the future to be “VUCA?”

What specifically about the future causes you to be afraid? What about the future might keep you up at night?

Have you considered that no matter what the future holds, that God has already been there? If that is so, how might that affect your view of God and the future?

We know from experience and from the very words of Jesus that there will be troubles in our tomorrows (we just don’t know what those troubles are yet). So how is it possible not to be afraid of the coming, yet unknown, troubles? What kind of faith helps us face an uncertain tomorrow today? Describe that kind of faith and look at John 16:1, 2, 20, and 23 for help.